What Questions Should I Ask the Employer During My Interview?

Many candidates are initially confused by the thought of asking the employer questions during their interview. After all, isn’t the interview supposed to be all about asking the candidate questions? While that is obviously the primary purpose of the interview, coming prepared with answers only will fail to truly impress the employer and possibly cost you the job all together. Why? Because most of my clients specifically ask the candidates if they have any questions at some point during the interview, and it makes you appear disinterested if you respond “No, not really.”

So what questions should you be prepared to ask during the interview?

I noticed that…so what are…?

My advice is always to do extensive research on the company before you go in for your interview. Find out about its history, purpose, clientele, products/services, and a few key players in the organization. Not only will this give you enhanced excitement about the possibility of being a part of the team, but you can also use that time to prepare a few poignant questions about the company that will show the employer that you intentionally took the time to do your research. For example, “I noticed that the mission of the company is to serve our customers with care and excellence. What are some specific examples of how this is accomplished in each department?”

What opportunities would I have for professional development at this company?

Most employers will be thrilled to find out that you desire to grow and advance within their company, because that attitude would position you to be a great asset to the team. Just getting the job done is not the mentality of key players within thriving organizations, so asking this question will convince them that you are enthusiastic about your growth potential.

Is there anything that I have or don’t have in my background that concerns you?

Now, you need some courage to ask this question, because you run the risk of being told where you are falling short. However, the employer’s answer could reveal a misunderstanding they have about your background, which you would then be able to address specifically, clear it up, and possibly push yourself to the top of the shortlist. For example, if their answer was “I’m concerned that you have not completed any insurance professional designations, which are preferred for this position and show a commitment to the industry,” you now have the opportunity to explain that you are currently working on your MBA and have plans to begin either the CPCU or ARM designation studies immediately following your matriculation, thus resolving that concern entirely and even selling your strength in strategic planning.

There are many other questions you could prepare for the interview, but these are some home run hitters to get started with. You can also take a look at our website to see more interviewing tips and questions here. If there’s any other way we can help you, feel free to contact us directly.