Our Mission

The process of locating and hiring new employees can be challenging. However, successfully bringing the right person on board can result in great profit and growth for your company. The focus of our business is to help companies like yours succeed in the shortest time frame possible. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the market and because of our industry focus, we understand your unique needs and requirements.

It has been our philosophy for a long time to develop close rapport with a few clients on a national basis. This allows us to provide our clients with the greatest range of candidates without compromising business ethics. In addition, once the structure of an organization is understood, we can actually act as an extension of the company itself in attracting highly skilled professionals.

Our Process

Our process is to quickly move in, understand what needs to be done, and to do it as quickly and as professionally as possible. We feel it is important that we develop a plan of action together that produces the best-qualified candidates in the shortest time frame. Through research, industry sources, extensive personal contacts, and networking, we will target key individuals to produce leads about people who would otherwise be difficult for you to identify.

managing clients and keeping them happyFrom the initial group of prospects we identify, the best and brightest are selected for an in-depth appraisal and interview. Backgrounds, references, and relative performance is explored and evaluated. Those candidates we determine to be most suitable for your organization are presented for your consideration and interview. We will provide assistance in structuring the interview for maximum benefit and add a professional perspective to the subsequent evaluation. We will not waste your time by presenting “near fits” or anybody that is not ready to accept an offer for the right career move.

Our role is to quickly move in, understand what needs to be done and to do it as quickly and as professionally as possible.

Our Services

To better serve you with your hiring needs, JL Nixon Consulting has compiled these resources and services—such as employment testing, reference checking, and comparable salary information for your industry segment—that will help you successfully navigate the process. Through our 30 years of service in the consulting industry, we’ve created effective solutions to ensure that your entire hiring process is a smooth and successful experience. Call (210) 446-0163 to get started today.