It has often been said the most difficult job in the world is finding a job. Whether you are in the market place because you are no longer employed or because you are ready to make a change, searching for that dream position takes a great deal of effort and commitment. It is a time of a wide range of emotions. No wonder career change is listed among the 10 most stressful times in a person’s life. But the reward of finding the “right one” is also one of the most satisfying experiences in your life.

Career Guidance

A job search is series of steps that are not complicated but also not widely known. Success, or lack of success, can many times be linked to a lack of understanding of how the game is played and how to prepare for it. Our goal at J. L. Nixon Consulting is to provide the tools, strategy, and advice necessary for you to land your dream job.


We have put together a playbook or recipe book with the intention of assisting you in your personal job search. These resource pages are listed in the sidebar and cover a vast array of topics from resume preparation to acceptance letters. Please refer to these individual steps as often as necessary so that you are confident in your mission. Should you have any questions before, during, or at the end of your search, please feel free to call us. Our job is to be your advocate and coach and to help any way we can.