What Are the Benefits of Using a Recruiter?

In this day and age of being wise with one’s spending habits, companies are being much more cautious about where they spend their dollars. While using a recruiter to help fill open positions may seem from first glance as an unnecessary expense, here are three reasons why it can actually be extremely beneficial to the company’s overall profitability.


In recent years, many companies have been forced to do a lot more with a lot less when it comes to employee labor. With everyone wearing multiple hats and reaching maximum productivity capacity, having the time to complete an entire job search from start to finish is often unrealistic. A recruiter is able to spend the time researching possible candidates, conducting initial interviews to select the best potential fits for the position, prepping them for official interviews, and facilitating all the communication between the candidate and company—time that employees of the company can now spend on other matters at hand.

Candidate Database Resources

Some companies lack connections to resources for finding great candidates to fill open positions, and they often find themselves wondering where to look first. A recruiter has access to thousands of qualified candidates through his own database, recruiter networks, and other online databases that he interacts with frequently. These are valuable connections that allow him to cast a much wider net to find just the right person for the job.

Skills and Experience

A recruiter is both a skillful communicator and coach. He works to understand the culture and vision of the company he’s recruiting for, as well as the specific requirements for the position, and then he searches for candidates whose personalities, skill sets, background experiences, and interests make them a great fit. He then communicates exactly who and what the company is to the candidates in a way that excites them about the opportunity to be a part of that team. He also coaches the candidates on how to present themselves on paper and in person to give the hiring managers the best impression of who the candidates really are and how they would be valuable assets to the company. As a result, those candidates enter the interview confident and well-prepared, which greatly aids the hiring managers in making their final decision.
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