Tools for Candidate Search

What tools does JL Nixon Consulting use to find great candidates for a position? In today’s technology and information era, there is no shortage of options available, so we strive to take advantage of as many avenues as possible. Here are a few of the resources we use in our search process.

Searchable Database

JL Nixon Consulting has been around for over 20 years, so we have had quite some time to accumulate an extensive database of candidates. Because we have worked with many of these candidates for previous job searches, we are able to more easily identify ones that have great potential for the current searches, thus expediting the initial phase of the process.


We advertise our searches online to generate inbound interest in the positions. In addition to our company website, we also post information throughout the web via insurance specific career boards, generalist career boards and aggregators. Our associates, Kim Ervin, Leah Rattray, and Cathy Nixon, also dedicate time on these websites for outbound searches for potential candidates.  Additionally, a relatively new phenomenon in the business arena as well as the personal arena is the use of social media platforms are business advertisement purposes. We post our search needs on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus pages in order to reinforce our online presence and attract other qualified candidates that might not be registered on the other sites.

Recruiter Network

Our company is very well-connected with both national and regional recruiting networks. Our relationships with other recruiters give us another level of access to potential candidates, as well as valuable information about current industry trends around the nation.

Questions or comments about our tools or process for candidate search? Please leave a post below or contact us directly.

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