Congratulations! All of the time and effort you expended proved to be fruitful. Your preparation and skillful negotiations yielded a generous offer from the company.

Your next job is to write an acceptance letter. The purpose of this letter is to acknowledge your acceptance of the position based on the specific details outlined in the company’s offer letter.

This should be a one-page letter thanking the company for their offer, reiterating your understanding of the position by title and compensation, and to inform the company of the date you intend to begin employment. A sample letter can be found below.

Today’s Date

XYZ Insurance Company
City, State Zip code
Attention: Mr./Ms. Human Resource Manager, Title

Re: Acceptance of Job Offer

I wish to inform you that I accept your offer for the position of (title of position) in the (location) office. It is my intention to start work with your organization on or before (start date). This date may vary depending on my current employer’s acceptance of my two-week notice.

I agree to accept this position based upon the specifics outlined in your offer letter dated (date of letter). Additionally, I greatly appreciate your acceptance of the following items:
(Any special negotiated items not found in the offer letter)

I am truly excited about my future with XYZ Insurance Company and desire to make a significant contribution towards the long-term success of the organization.

Best regards,

Your signature