Creative Holiday Ideas for Unprecedented Times

Creative Holiday Ideas for 2020
We can create special traditions for the Holidays 2020

This year has been unprecedented in many ways, but as it comes to a close, this Holiday season’s restrictions are wringing the hearts of many families all over the world. Certain family traditions are being ignored as people worldwide try to limit contact with others, and many live with worry over COVID-19. Depending on where you live, local restrictions can look quite different. Some are saddled with rigorous quarantine limits; others are living nearly normally with masks and social distancing requirements. Yet the good news is that adversity breeds creativity. While this Holiday season will hopefully never have a comparable one, we can still create special traditions for this unparalleled time in history. Here are some fun ideas for the Holidays 2020:

Go pick out a tree from a local tree farm

There may not be a lot of gatherings inside around a tree this year, but getting outside and picking out a real tree is a lot of fun for the whole family. And it’s easy to social distance outside on a tree farm.

Cookie exchange front door pick-up style

Who doesn’t love Holiday cookies? And in the past, companies, faith communities, friends, and families would have cookie exchanges, for fun or for a fundraiser. Individual packaging and porch pick-up help keep the exchange safer this year. It’s a fun way to celebrate with neighbors too! Many families have their own special holiday cookie recipe, so it is exciting to see the variety of cookies and different family traditions.

Handmade crafts and ornaments     

For families who can’t be together but want to feel more connected for the Holidays, consider doing handmade crafts or ornaments to send to one another. There’s something about handmade crafts that communicates care and thoughtfulness in a way that other presents don’t. And it’s always fun to keep handmade crafts to look at later or keep using the next year.

Humorous Décor to Share         

For families who normally pick out trees together or decorate together, consider picking funny themes for other family members’ trees and sending them or making funny themed ornaments to go along with it. There’s always a jokester in the family; this would be their chance to shine.

Matching PJs      

For the last several years, matching family matching pajamas have become a fun tradition. Usually, it’s only within your immediate family, but if you can’t get together with your extended family this year, consider all picking out matching PJs and wearing them for a family Zoom or FaceTime.

Books on Tape   

For grandparents, aunts or uncles who will especially miss seeing the little ones in your extended family, consider buying a book that records your voice reading the book as a gift for them. This is a great way to stay connected with the kids you can’t visit during the holidays. And it’s a great reminder for them that you are thinking about them.

Shared Recipes   

For that special holiday meal, if you can’t all gather around the same table, share one recipe that each family will make for their family meal. It’s a fun way to feel connected when you aren’t actually together.

In conclusion, traditional holiday celebrations will look different for every family. But I hope even during the Holidays of 2020 when you can’t celebrate your normal traditions, you will find some connection in creative one-time 2020 traditions.  Happy Holidays from JL Nixon Consulting!