6 Tips for Dressing for a Job Interview in Insurance

Choosing your outfit for a job interview can be nerve racking. This step is often overlooked or neglected until the last minute because it can seem overwhelming. But picking out your outfit is an important part of the process when preparing for an interview. After all, the first statement you make when you show up for the meeting is your choice of attire. Knowing your sector in the business world is crucial when it comes to choosing the right clothes because dressing the part gives the hiring manager a glimpse of how you would present yourself if the job becomes yours. Since the insurance sector is still quite traditional in its dress code, let’s look at 6 tips for dressing for your insurance career interview.

Tips for Interview Attire

  1. Dress up, not down.  A good rule of thumb is to dress professionally instead of casually because it indicates how highly you think of the company and the image you would strive to present were they to hire you for the position. Even if the general dress code is business casual on a daily basis, most hiring managers expect a candidate to dress formally for their interview. It’s a good opportunity to pull that suit or formal slacks or skirt out of the closet and let it shine!
  2. If you don’t know, ask. It’s always wise to double check ahead of time with the recruiter or human resource manager what the recommended attire should be for that company and hiring manager. This gives you the opportunity to plan well in advance so it’s not a point of stress at the last minute.
  3. Be wrinkle free. This tip feels obvious, but in a world where blue jeans can pass for business attire, ironing has become a lost art in many realms. A lot of clothing sold now is advertised as “wrinkle free,” so you might not actually need to break out the iron. But either way, make sure the unwanted creases are gone from your outfit on the big day. Showing up with wrinkled clothes can be a red flag for employers as it suggests you either don’t care about your appearance or don’t pay attention to detail.
  4. Avoid anything distracting. Wild hair, too many visible tattoos, lots of piercings, or over-sized accessories can prevent your interviewer from focusing on you and assessing your skills. The best strategy for the interview is to only wear what complements the whole outfit rather than something that will be a constant distraction. Remember, the first impression you give is your appearance, so you want to make sure that first impression is professionalism.
  5. Be tidy and organized. This tip is easily forgotten in the midst of choosing your outfit, pressing your clothes, and combing your hair, but it will help tremendously to make sure your briefcase or purse is clean and put in order ahead of time. That way, in case you need to grab something from one of these items during the interview, it will demonstrate that you are organized and focused.
  6. Show off a bit of personality. Even within more traditional sectors like the insurance industry, adding some vibrancy and help keep companies competitive and relevant is crucial, and this often comes out in your attire. Although you never want to appear outlandish, don’t be afraid to add a touch of personality to your outfit that suits your personal taste and style. For example, if you are interviewing for a marketing position with a more entrepreneurial company, you may want to wear a more contemporary suit or slacks and sport coat or blazer. Or consider adding a small colorful scarf, pocket square, or even socks to your outfit. After all, in a world of neutrals, a hint of color can be refreshing.

Being proactive and thoughtful about your outfit before your interview will help you feel prepared and confident. Remembering the seemingly small details will make you stand out from the crowd. And that doesn’t mean that you have to totally give up your personal style in order to make a good impression. You might be surprised by the self-confidence your professional appearance can deliver. Good luck!

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