Why Should You Use a Recruiter to Find a Job?

In today’s world, you can easily type in a Google search bar to find job openings all around you. With accessibility to this kind of information, you might have not even considered using a recruiter. Why would you, since you can already see hundreds of job postings on the web? Here are several benefits of using a recruiter when job searching.

1. Not all companies post their job openings on job boards

Job boards are probably the first place you look when seeking new employment, but job boards don’t tell the whole story. There might be additional opportunities that companies have only shared with recruiters, and you won’t know about these if you solely rely on job postings you find online.

2. You have more confidentiality when using a recruiter

Confidentially is a largely overlooked aspect of job searching when you are tentatively looking into something new. In some situations, you might not want your inquiries to be public knowledge. Directly approaching another company could jeopardize your current employment. Recruiters can be a great resource for you when you are contemplating changing jobs, and want your circumstances to remain private.

3. Recruiters advocate for you as the candidate

When you have a recruiter working with you, your resume stands apart from all the resumes that just get submitted into the company database.  A recruiter can present you in a way that a simple resume upload can’t. You are adding a personal touch along with your accolades. Not only do you have someone in your corner, but your commitment to finding a job is translated to any potential employers because you went the extra mile.

4. Recruiters often have exclusive searches

Not only are recruiters privy to job openings that might not be listed, but they also can match you to multiple positions based on your specific qualifications. Recruiters have the experience in looking for specialized jobs and finding the right fit for you. When working with a recruiter, you have the opportunity to explain what you are really looking for, and in return, they are pros at tailoring the job search to be exactly what you need.

5. Recruiters have inside information

Recruiters know the companies they represent and can provide good information about the job, the leadership, and the company that is not readily available. Recruiters have already established relationships with their client companies so they can give you insight that isn’t easily accessible. They can also help prepare you for interviews and talk through with you all the details of the job opening.

In closing, working with a recruiter has some major advantages over going at it alone. Having someone to talk to about making job changes is crucial. Having a recruiter who is knowledgeable about the specifics of the position and the company can be the difference between you getting passed over or landing your next job. When it comes down to finding the right coach for your next career move, make sure you are utilizing the best resources available.

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