Why Should an Employer use a Recruiter?

If you are an employer, human resources professional, or entrepreneur, you know the challenges that come with hiring. Perhaps you are expanding your business and need more help, maybe you need to fill an established position, or you might be looking for a shift in a leadership position. In every one of these situations you need to find someone who is a good fit for your company and its culture. Hiring takes time, persistence, insight, and experience. Recruiters have developed specific skills to make placements that are right for the employer and candidate. Below are eight reasons why employers should use a recruiter.

8 Reasons Employers Should Use a Recruiter

    • Good candidates are being pursued by multiple companies. Because the market is fully employed, it makes the pursuit of quality candidates competitive. If a candidate has multiple companies bidding for their attention, it is important to be as professional as possible, and rise to the top of the candidate’s focus.
    • Recruiters provide a personal contact with candidates rather than just a resume submission to company websites. Personal contact is going to register a more memorable and enjoyable experience for the candidate. Individual interaction also shows the candidate that you take hiring seriously, and it sets a more professional tone for the process.
    • Recruiters know a wide network of candidates. Not all candidates post their resumes on job boards. With unemployment so low, having access to a much wider candidate pool is an advantage.
    • Recruiters can help sell your company’s brand and dispel misconceptions in the marketplace. Having someone outside of your company promoting your brand means more to the candidate than if it were coming from within the company. An experienced recruiter is able to offer answers to candidates who might have mistaken impressions within the business sphere.
    • Candidates are typically more honest with recruiters than with company personnel. Having someone from outside the company may put candidates more at ease. It is easier to find the right candidate for a company when they are more comfortable and honest.
    • Upper level candidates aren’t typically looking and will require recruitment. Leadership positions don’t get filled from website submission portals. Filling these positions requires more professionalism. Having someone with experience and a wealth of market knowledge is a huge advantage.
  • Recruiters can provide honest reference checks. With the startling percentage of people who lie on their resume, it only makes sense to have them vetted. A recruiter has a familiarity with marketplace experience and instinct to know which resumes come from quality candidates.

Teaming Up with Insurance Recruiters for Maximum Results

In conclusion, hiring the right candidate for your company is an important and challenging process. That is why there is a profession dedicated to matching the best possible candidate to the best employer. By using a recruiter, you will be able to find more quality professionals for your company and ultimately you are investing in the future of your business.

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