8 Tips for Job Candidates from a Recruiter

After a season of reflection and resolution, it is no surprise recruiters’ emails are flooded with people looking for change, but how can you best represent yourself to a recruiter to enhance your potential to stand out?  Here are some simple tips from JL Nixon Consulting explaining what key identifiers recruiters look for in candidates.

Complete Resume with Contact Info

Sure, it’s easy to complete the forms but one mishap can stand in the way of a good first impression. If you have committed to putting your resume out there, make sure you double check that all the information is filled out, including contact information.  This may seem simple, but it’s important.

Job History with Longevity and Advancement

Having longevity with employers shows that you are committed and loyal to the companies you work for, and having increasing responsibilities proves you are capable and have growth potential. Job hopping is not something that looks great on a resume, but has become more common, especially for the younger baby boomers and millennials. If you are nervous about your history with short job tenure, be prepared to answer any questions about it, and remember to be honest.

Honesty Goes a Long Way

Being open and honest about your job change reasons up front will save time and build trust with your recruiter. It also gives the best insight into what you are looking for and what would be a good fit for you.

Education Speaks for Itself

Recruiters look at college degrees/industry-specific education/ and certifications. Continuing education always looks good, because it proves you are eager to learn and are looking for ways to grow and advance in your field.

Have a Good Energy Level

Having a good energy level conveys competence, ability, and eagerness. It helps paint an overall picture that you are prepared and ready for change and fully capable to face challenges. Maintaining a healthy energy level also shows you take care of yourself and value making a good impression.

Communication is the Foundation of any Relationship

Being proficient in speaking, writing, and listening can set you worlds apart from other candidates. Be proactive in improving your communication skills. Have an honest evaluation of yourself and learn new ways to efficiently communicate.

Have a Genuine Interest in the Company

Candidates who are genuinely interested in aiding in the success of a prospective employer are the ones who add true value to a business. Being invested in finding the perfect fit which accentuates your strengths as an employee and accomplishes the goals of the employer is a highly sought after mindset. Make sure you are committed to not only make a change for yourself, but fill a need somewhere else.  

Be Realistic

Be aware of what is reasonable for compensation and potential advancement. If you come into this process with unattainable expectations, you will only be wasting your time and everyone else’s time. If you are unsure on what is reasonable, be honest and upfront. That is a routine conversation that takes place in this business. Just make sure you are open to negotiation, and that you have a sensible expectation.

Change can be fun, challenging, and beneficial. Follow these expert tips to assist you on your journey for change and remember that recruiters are here to help support you and your future employer by finding the best fit for both of you. Our team here at JL Nixon Consulting is dedicated to bringing together top level insurance professionals and companies for a mutually beneficial relationship.  If your company is in need of recruiters with the knowledge and expertise needed to source qualified candidates, look no further. Contact us today at (210) 649-1500 to discover what all we can offer you.