New Year, New Ambition

As 2018 comes to a close, it is only natural to look towards the upcoming year with new career goals in mind. How to set goals and aspire to hit them is an important part of growth in any profession. Let’s take a look at a few, easy acts that can aid you along your journey for professional development.

#1 Set a clear goal.

This may seem like an easy one, but you would be surprised at how many people have broad goals. Accurately assess your strengths and weaknesses and compare them to industry market place needs and advancements in technology. Are you in a position that is vital to your company’s future, or is your position being overtaken by technological advancements or operational efficiencies?

Earning more money, going after a promotion, and working harder for your business are great intentions for a new year; yet, getting specific and setting clear goals will give you tangible steps to accomplishing them. It is hard to focus on what you need to change in your behavior unless you have something you are directly working towards. If you want to make more money, set specific weekly or monthly financial goals. Then, come up with a few ways to reach them. Writing down your game plan makes it more achievable and sets you up for success.

#2 With your goals in mind, set up a game plan.

Make yourself more competitive by advancing your skills and education:

First, analyze your career compared to paradigm shifts in the employment marketplace. You can pursue continuing education to adjust to those shifts. Professional Insurance designations such as CPCU, AIC, ARM, and others can make you more competitive in your chosen career path.

Skills enhancement, such as expanding your Microsoft Excel expertise, or writing or public speaking skills can give you a leg up over the competition. Improving your communication skills can be helpful in any position. If you don’t have a college degree you can complete one online much more readily today.  It is a base level requirement that will also advance your future.

#2 Be a team player.

Looking outside yourself to help colleagues and co-workers can be remarkably helpful to your aspirations. When was the last time you took the extra steps to make your boss look good? Have you helped out a co-worker recently? Small gestures that secure the success of the team are crucial actions that set you apart from the rest. These are the extra principles that stand out during promotion talks or interviews. Building a solid business reputation has more to do with how you treat others than how you make yourself more useful to the organization. Concentrating on improving your business reputation will support you in your pursuit of other career goals.

#3 Think outside the box.

By this time of year, we are all stuck in our routines. Now is the perfect time to reevaluate them. Changing your morning routine up can make a significant difference in your day. Are there ways to improve your energy? Take that concept a step further, and examine how you can evolve your work routine. Brainstorm ways to be more creative while you work. Is there a new approach you’ve been wanting to try out? Be courageous and bring new ideas to your job.

#4 Remain Grateful.

Sometimes, the new year isn’t welcomed with as much energy as you hoped for. Motivations and energy ebb and flow just like everything else in life. This time of year is also notorious for being overwhelming. If you find yourself particularly in a rut, the best thing you can do for yourself is remain grateful. Taking the time to be grateful for your opportunity and employment can challenge your perspective. Exercising a grateful mindset has a host of positive effects on your state of mind. So, if all else fails, remain grateful.

You can always take active steps toward self-improvement. This stretch of time leading up to the New Year is often filled with reflection. Setting goals for your professional life is very popular now. Applying these four tips to your new year ambitions will assist you on your way to that new you!

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