A Letter to Employers: 3 Tips for Hiring Your First-Choice Candidate

Are you haunted by that perfect candidate that slipped through your fingers? How many times have you been presented a great candidate but were unable to close the deal? It is time to reflect upon your methods and find a great strategy that will guarantee you future success when hiring.

The unemployment rate is at an all-time low, which is great for the economy and the industry, but can leave you high and dry when it comes to hiring. In today’s climate, the candidates hold most of the power. As a result, you must be proactive and adjust your process to fit current market conditions. If you don’t stay up-to-date and fine-tune your methods, you may lose potential top employees.

Tip #1

The first tip for hiring in this market is to be proactive in the interview process. If you have committed to the search for a new hire, then start prepping for interviews now. Take the time to provide as much information as possible to your consulting firm, so you can save time on decisions later. When you are presented with a strong candidate by your consulting firm, be quick to start the interviewing process. Being prompt in your decision to interview sends the message that you take the candidate seriously, and that you aren’t going to be wasting their time. It sets the stage for mutual trust and respect.

Tip #2

One of the biggest mistakes that employers make during the hiring process is taking too long to decide on a candidate. Remember that this is their market, and the longer you wait, the greater the possibility you are giving another company the opportunity to interview and hire that candidate. If you have made the decision to hire, make sure you know exactly what you want. If you have been thoughtful about the process before this point, you will be more capable of making a quick decision.

Tip #3

The final tip for employers is extending your best offer to a candidate up front. Playing the negotiating game may backfire on you. Remember that what you might have offered for the same job a couple years ago, just doesn’t translate well in this market. Keep in mind that the candidate you are interested in probably has other offers in hand or in process. If your initial offer is too low, then you won’t be taken seriously, and they will more than likely move on to another company. Follow the trending salary offers from your competitors to ensure you are not way off the mark.

In the end, making the right choice for your company takes a lot of prep work. Remember to stay relevant! You must keep up with the changes going on in the market. Seeking help from your hiring consultant can shed light on the areas where you need improvement. If you take the time to examine your process and make the changes necessary, you may avoid experiencing the loss of that “game changing” candidate and be able to meet your goals and objectives.

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