When Is It Too Soon to Change Jobs?

Job changes are very much the norm in our day and age, and long tenure at a single company is less common than it used to be. However, candidates who are searching for a new job need to be mindful of how their work history can affect their marketability. You don’t want to hurt your chances of being hired for your dream job because the employer sees no track record for longevity! So when is it too soon to change jobs?

Put Down Roots for At Least Three Years

For a mid-level professional, most hiring managers like to see tenure of at least three years in each of your most recent positions when considering you for an opening at their company. Any less than that is often a red flag to them, because it could indicate that you always view the grass on the other side of the fence as greener, or that you tend to throw the towel in when your situation becomes less than ideal. And while no one would fault you for accepting the opportunity of a lifetime or seeking employment that’s a much better fit for you, they also want to know that they can depend on you to stick with them long enough to produce personal and professional success in that role.

Put Your Job Change in a Positive Light

If you do decide to make a job change after a short time, you need to convey your reasons very clearly and in a positive light to your prospective employer. Telling them that your coworkers rubbed you the wrong way or that you hated being micro-managed by your director could generate concerns which cannot be overcome when the final pool of candidates is determined. Instead, focus on reasons that would make you a more valuable employee, such as your desire to grow your professional skills so that you can continue to be an asset to your employer in the ever-changing marketplace. If they know that your desire is to really plant roots at their company, and not just pass the time waiting for the next best opportunity, they will be much more likely to keep you on their shortlist.

My strong recommendation is that you do not make a habit of changing jobs after just a year or two. If you do face a situation where you must leave your current employer after a shorter tenure than you wished, perform your due diligence on your future employer and position so you can make that long term commitment.

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