Checklist for Conducting Interviews

As a hiring manager, conducting interviews is a somewhat regular responsibility of yours. Perhaps you enjoy meeting candidates and learning about their background experiences and personalities, or perhaps this is a task that you rather dread. Either way, trying to determine which candidate will be the best fit for the position and the company culture is no easy feat, but there are methods you can implement to ensure a higher degree of success. Here is our recommended checklist to follow for attracting top-tier candidates and conducting a great interview.

Building the Candidate Pool

✅ Establish a specific job description, focusing on what they need to accomplish and how it needs to be accomplished, if applicable. For tips on writing a job description as opposed to a “person description,” click here.

✅ Determine the required skills and background experience, as well as the desired ones.

✅ Filter and prioritize the applications in accordance with that job description and requirements.

✅ Set up interviews with the finalists.

Conducting the Interview

✅ Bring a copy of the candidate’s resume for reference.

✅ Give the candidate the agenda for the interview so they know what to expect.

✅ Explain the company and department culture concisely and specifically.

✅ Ask questions that allow the candidate to answer conversationally and give specific examples.

✅ Listen attentively, using body language to show that you are interested in them and what they have to say.

✅ Pause thoughtfully at the end of their response to give them time to expound upon their answer.

✅ Be prepared to answer the candidate’s questions involving:

  • Provisions for professional growth, development, and advancement
  • Success stories from previous employees in the same or similar positions, and vice versa
  • Compensation and benefits (at least generally)
  • Company and department turnover rate
  • Best and worst parts of working at this company


At the conclusion of the interview, you should feel as though you have become acquainted with the candidate both personally and professionally, able to aptly judge their capacity to accomplish the requirements of the job and to successfully assimilate into the company culture. Be sure to follow up with the candidates within an appropriate time period afterward, thanking them for their interview and informing them of next steps and an estimated time frame. The candidates will greatly appreciate the transparency, and you will hopefully discover that the final hiring decision comes about with a greater degree of ease, confidence, and long-term success. For more helpful tips on the hiring process, click here for a complete list of blog articles, or feel free to contact us here.