How to Minimize Stress When Moving for a New Job

So you’ve just accepted that dream job that happens to be located halfway across the country. Now you have to find a new home for you and your family in a city where you might not have any previous connections. Many companies will offer a full relocation package or at least some relocation assistance to you, but not all companies are in a position to do that, or perhaps you agreed to relocate at your own expense to level the playing field with other local candidates. Because you’re about to onboard at a brand new job, the last thing you want to add to your plate is the stress that too often accompanies a big move. If you are responsible for your move, here are some strategies for minimizing the hassle of relocation.

  1.  Take advantage of the expertise of your new employer and coworkers. Since they are local to your new city, chances are that they already have connections for housing that they will readily share with you.
  2. Look for temporary housing that you can rent until you find something more permanent. Some folks just prefer to rent instead of own, which is certainly simpler for a situation like this. But even if you plan to purchase a home in your new city, don’t feel pressured to find one immediately. Short term or month-to-month apartments, condos, or houses can be a great solution that gives you more time to find the perfect home for your family without being rushed.
  3. Consider leasing your old home to tenants instead of trying to sell it. If you know it will take time and money that you don’t have in order to sell your current house, then leasing it may be a better option for you, at least for the time being. It is important, though, to make sure you have a good realtor to handle the paperwork with the tenants, and also a good handyman for any repair needs that come up.
  4. Find a good realtor who can help you with all the details of selling your old home. If you do decide to sell, hire a good realtor and let him or her handle the minutia of staging and selling for you. That way you can turn more of your attention to your new job and new home.
  5. Along the same lines, finding a good realtor in your new city can make the process of purchasing a new home much smoother. Do your research ahead of time to choose one with a good track record for buying homes within your budget in the area or areas of town you want to settle down in. Then you’ll be ready to connect with them and get down to business as soon as you arrive.
  6. Talk to us about connecting with our contacts in the moving and storage business. We can help you secure a relocation package for up to 57% off the usual interstate costs. Savings like that would go a long way toward fitting that relocation comfortably into your budget.


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