Why Your Company Should Use an Insurance Recruiter (Reasons, Benefits, Etc.)

If you’re an insurance carrier or agency, you might be wondering “What’s the point of using an insurance recruiter? Why incur that cost when we can just put the word out online and let the candidates come to us?” It’s certainly a valid question to consider, and it’s helpful to know all the facts in order to make the best decision for your situation. Maybe you shouldn’t use an insurance headhunter for your next hire, and maybe you should. Here are some reasons and benefits to utilizing an insurance search firm to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your company or not.

  1. Recruiters have connections you don’t. Through previous searches and an ever-expanding database of candidates, a recruiter probably already has a handful of possibilities in mind the moment you send him a new job order. Not to mention his network of other recruiters, like the National Insurance Recruiters Association, with their databases, too! Tapping into that resource alone can quickly connect you with highly-qualified candidates that may or may not be found elsewhere. For example, you may need a new Chief Underwriting Officer or Senior VP of Claims, positions which can’t be filled by just anyone in the market for a new job. An insurance search firm can locate executive-level people who are perfect for the position, but may not even have advertised their resume online.
  2. Insurance recruiters know your industry. When you’re discussing the open position with the headhunter, you can rest assured that he understands the terminology of the insurance industry. In his searches, he’ll be looking for candidates with the right background and skill set, and he’ll know how to discern from his conversations with them whether or not they could be a good fit.
  3. Recruiters have time and resources you don’t. A job search takes an enormous amount of time, which is usually a rare and precious commodity for most companies. Posting the position in multiple locations online, calling other colleagues to look for recommendations, and sorting through the barrage of resumes that come back to you are daunting tasks. Allowing a recruiter to handle all of that work for you, in addition to preparing the best candidates extensively beforehand, prevents your valuable time from being wasted; instead, you can simply focus on interviewing merely a handful of highly-qualified ones and choosing the best fit for the position.

Insurance recruiters are very experienced in locating candidates that match your criteria and the culture of your carrier or agency. Particularly when it comes to high-level positions in your company needing to be filled, having an expert just bring the right people to you can save you a lot of headaches. If you’d like to learn more about our services, please feel free to contact us directly.

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