With the first interview successfully completed, a prompt and professional thank you letter is the next order of business.

Thank you letters play an important role in the job transition strategy. They are designed to resell the hiring manager on your capabilities and ability to meet the company’s needs in this position, as well as to show added professionalism that could make the difference between you and another candidate in the final decision. I have heard many a hiring manager comment that the professional thank you letter was the key ingredient in their decision to pursue a particular applicant.

A good thank you letter will contain three main parts.
The first paragraph appropriately thanks the person who has taken valuable time away from their work to spend time interviewing you, the applicant.

The second and most important paragraph of the letter addresses specific background or experience you possess which matches the most important features of the position. One way to express this is by utilizing bulleted accomplishments to resell your fit for this position. For example: “After having the opportunity to digest all of the information I gathered in the interview, I came to the conclusion that my experience and background seem to closely match the requirements of the position.

Those areas of correlation include:

  • Item one
  • Item two
  • Item three

Your list should include no fewer than two items and no more than five.

The last paragraph of your thank you letter should include thanking the interviewer for their time once again and expressing your continued interest in the position. It is important to let the hiring manager know you genuinely want to pursue this position and desire to move further along in the process.